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About Transitions, LLC

        Transitions, LLC is experienced in financial, tax, legal, employment policy, structural design and implementing adapted inter-connections of structural/functional issues between these areas for privately owned companies and individuals. We have conducted multiple successful audits, negotiated/resolved problems surfacing post-audits by state/federal tax agencies, also originating from issues with insurance, multiple state DOL routine and complaint based, as well as routine audits related to state sales tax, resale issues and/or imported goods sales. 

        Working either with, or on behalf of clients, Transitions has successfully resolved labor issues caused by complaints / accusations by office or home based employees. We have developed client specific background checks for new hires, including detailed searches for new staff, and drafting contracts for employment in the states of CT, NY, PA, MA, VA and FL. Our Principal has collaborated with clients to improve business/personal insurance coverage while reducing premium expenses, and designed company specific employment benefit programs allowing clients to attract and retain a loyal workforce. 

        Transitions has designed/drafted proprietary contracts, as well as industry/company specific business plans, sub-contract project agreements, employment contracts and created proprietary functional workplace policies, company/industry specific procedures for problem solving/conflict resolution. 

        We are experienced in assisting clients in transition from manual recordkeeping to accounting via computers/software, and have implemented reorganization of physical work space for most efficient existing use. 

        Our company will provide coverage for unexpected, lengthy employee absences when an employer wishes to keep the employee, as well as auditing records/books between employees, bridging the gap while new personnel are sought, working with and evaluating an adapted workforce to maximize strengths and corroborating with management on the best way to reorganize for maximum production to increase both employer and employee job satisfaction.

        Other Services are available, if you are in need of specialized services which you do not see listed, please contact Transitions, LLC with your needs, and we will see if our company is able to assist you directly or to offer and vet other options for your service needs.

Transitions, LLC

Karen Martinelli, Principal

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