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        Transitions, LLC now offers a structured program that includes all aspects of assisting newcomers to the Fairfield County area. The move, for most people who are unfamiliar with this area, can be difficult and daunting. I now offer full service assistance in vetting and confirming the claims made by potential service providers and companies who will impact the quality of life here by providing a variety of screening and confirmation services, pre-certifying those who are involved in numerous aspects of daily life. 

        As the list of required individuals in our lives can range from physicians to lawn care service providers, this pre-qualification process avoids the unpleasant, and often expensive, process required to correct an incorrect initial and often hastily made choice. 

        Once selected, thoroughly checked and confirmed to be as claimed, I then draft proprietary contactual agreements with confidentiality and hold harmless clauses relevant to the provider's type of service and tailored to the individual client's specific needs. By providing this detailed and much needed support assistance to those who are making the move to this area a smooth and pleasant experience, especially for those who have never lived in or around Fairfield County before, the end result is a smooth and satisfying transition. 

        As this is a service intended to make the move to this area as pleasant as possible, I have found that the steps people often skip when they need to have the help or service immediately, often become more important than the problem they were brought in to correct. By
pre-confirming that no important specific steps in any process are glossed over in the name of need, the process pays off immediately by avoiding the consequences that often accompany a hasty decision made in selecting any type of service provider. Using this process results in a client who is comfortable with the list of people upon whom they will feel comfortable calling for help when the need arises.

        Transitions, LLC has service offerings to assist in handling the difficulties which arise from a lack of proper vetting, contractual difficulties and other business situations / problems which occur. Contact us for further details, service offerings or inquiries regarding your service needs. We adhere to a strict confidentiality policy in regards to client information and services provided.

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Karen Martinelli, Principal

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